ROOTS - PROJECT #madeinKenyabyKenyans

The intriguing mix of talent that has laid the groundwork for fashion is really something that has taken a new exciting movement.The fashion industry is growing and sophisticated designs is something one cannot go without mentioning.

I recently meet up with one, Jeffery Wilson,whose aim is to promote Kenyan fashion to the Kenyan community and Africa as a whole. His recent project dubbed #madeinKenyabyKenyans has seen him
organize various fashion launch events for upcoming designers.

He is a jack of all trades; he is a C.E.O Jeffery Wilson Entertainment, fashion tv producer at the jw fashion television show [,]event organizer/management, fashion pr,consultancy , fitness trainer and brand ambassador at couture by Maggy Collection.

  What inspired you to start #madeinkenyabykenyans?  
 Because i wanted to promote designers in Kenya,this designers are so creative and sophisticated that i felt bad seeing people  importing clothes when they should prioritize the local designs.

What is your best experience as yet? 
Seeing the community embrace local designs.

What makes you and your project unique? 
 Am me, God and the African Roots.

Two things you cannot leave the house without? 
 My gym clothes all day anytime and i cant also leave without praying for a successful day ahead of me,it has made me to be where i am now.

In another life what would you be? 
 An accountant.

Through the project #madeinkenyabykenyans what would you say is not mainly focused in the fashion territory in Kenya? 
 The designers don't show support for each other as much as they should.

Best advice you have ever heard? 
 Be true to yourself.

Let's embrace and support our African roots and designs. 

Photo credits: Jose Thome of Jose Thome Photography

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  1. awesome n nice,i like

  2. Wow, very cool! I love that jacket he is wearing. I bet they would make some amazing things! Thanks for sharing.


    1. You welcome Denise. They sure do make awesome stuff.

  3. The white pairing is stunning

    1. It sure does, thank you Carole & Juelz for reading through.


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