Engulfed In Fear

Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of every fear is freedom. 
- Mary Ferguson -

Darkness was her enemy. She dwelt in what she could not change. It was her. It was in her. Engulfed in fear and uncertainty; she lived by it her entire life.

 The sun always rose from the east and always set in the west so did her daily procrastinations. Little did she know this was going to kill her some day!! She would choke from dreaming and belch for sticking in a circular motion that brought her to the beginning of the cycle. Nothing actually changed. Her routine was that of tomorrow…that never came to be.

Dreams began at a tender age; those she cherished, the age did not reverse. Not at all. Days moved and times changed. If wishes were horses she would have a dozen of them in the stables and a dozen more in the fields. Worries in her mind made her feel like a wholesome of a crumbled cake.

One day a photographer clicked the shutter. The camera light could have opened up her mind but it did not. She smiled her worries away as if all could go away. She knew the temperature of her car engine which she did not have, let alone a bicycle to tow along with her.

One day she will realize what she fears most is what will save her. That day she will smile not her troubles but her triumph. 

The thoughts of a dreamer engulfed in fear are just like sunshine with no dew in the morning light. Do what you can when you can.  



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