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My Cawing Crow

Probably this is the most short and quick post for the month. Here goes....

Do you ever have that crow voice? Yes, no maybe?

My name is Wairimu Murigi and i have a crow voice.  I just felt like i introduced myself to an AA group, haaaha!! Weird. Right? It was that crow again...

Many a times we do the much talking and less doing. All because

Of Shades And Sunhats


Everyone is always electrified by the mention of a party. However deciding what to wear is normally the daunting question. In this case pool party wear is tricky. 

The Puzzle Of Possibility

“If I could snap my fingers and be non autistic, I would not. Autism is part of what I am.”
― Temple Grandin

I love puzzles but i don't own one.

I love puzzles because colossal words make me.I love puzzles because they speak possibility. One missing piece makes the puzzle incomplete and all letters make the puzzle whole. Basically when faced with a puzzle, solve it!!

Link Glam Spotlight

Work on self in a fun, positive, reflective, and truthful way. - Marie Denee -


During my 'vacation' i had time to unwind and read through many blogs and all those woosaah moments there is. It was fun no doubt. I kept questioning myself what beauty was to me and how dynamic it is. It takes a real man to fight a bull they say ; it takes a bold confident woman to stand for their curves, the way i see it.[see here]

In Transition - Taking Stock 5

While i am at that halo of a come back, what do you think of the changes i have made with the blog? I'd love to hear your suggestions in the comment box below.

Heart To Heart - It Is Not Okay