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Magic Applause - DIY

Ahoj darlings!

That was one heck of an amazing weekend....i wish i could pause time and re-do it all over again.Movie galore alert in my new magic seat . Trust you had an awesome and a fulfilling one. On today's post i would love to share my magic applause with you darlings. I will make it short and to the point.

Things Fall Apart - Beauty In Failure

All of old. Nothing else ever. Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better. - Samuel Beckett -

Before getting a perfect result, you decide and act on so many decisions and analogies. When looked at correctly, failure teaches us where we went wrong and how we can dust and pick up ourselves in the aim to succeed.

As the examination season sets on our children, we wish them nothing but the best and top scores.Success is just but one thing to hope and dream for,however failing to see failure is being unrealistic. 

Although it is connected to weakness and being discriminated, if

Cutting Loose The Anchor

Ola darlings!!

I was watching suits the other day and the whole series got me thinking. There is a take where Harvey is so insistent on Mike Ross cutting relationships with his life long friend Trevor.This is a hard task for Mike to do and he ends up being the 'angel' that rescues Trevor from all the hurdles. Away from that. The way i see it, cutting loose an anchor is knowing your worth.

Too Personal and Awkward!!

My most dreaded question when in public, interview or any social gathering is ' why don't you tell us about yourself?'. This question makes me feel like i am new to me. Honestly, why is this question so hard to answer?! Do you guys relate or is it just me?