embrace yourself the way you are...

I t does not get better than this.Pain sticks and it  can make you choke to death at times.It is the thin line between love and hate.Living in the past does more harm than good.

We learn by experience and become a penny wiser. The beauty of us lies in our vulnerability, our complex emotions, and our authentic imperfections.  When we embrace who we are and decide to be authentic, instead of who we think others want us to be, we open ourselves up to real relationships, real happiness, and real success.

A world with no flaws makes life feel plain with no adventure.They say we learn from experience,moreover,it is the best teacher one could get.When advancing in life we meet all kind of people who help us grow upward in the ladder,either emotional,socially...you name it,a person who is changed by this growth for whom they are is likely to prosper than a person who pretends to be someone else.Comparisons and expectations will always linger. That should not move you at all. Stand your ground and do not sweat the small stuff.Embrace yourself just the way you are.

A clique may try to fit you in causing you to divert your attention from yourself to them. Nobody really knows you than yourself. Nobody can treat you better than you. In short no one knows what is best for you better than you. Ask yourself, why do people always say that 'His shoes are too big for me to fill....'? Always listen to yourself not people,in most cases your conscious which is you is always right. We may be blood sisters,twins,relatives but each one of us has a special talent and dream inside them that they ought to guard and cherish till death.

Awaken the sleeping giant in you!!! 

There are early bloomers and late bloomers. Comparison is a killer. What other people have achieved and you don't have at hand should not bother you at all...don't kill yourself in thought.Instead use that time and energy to work the extra mile and achieve equally better that they have. 

Good memories are made of failure!Face it!Getting there is not an easy sail,if anything it is a buzz of ups and downs.It is those moments when you fail you remember and work effortlessly not to repeat ever.It’s impossible to live without failing , unless you live so cautiously that you aren’t really living at all – you’re just existing. It doesn’t matter how many times you fail , so long as you do not stop taking those baby steps steps forward.  

Love you for you and keep that head as high as you can!!



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