Girl Power

“When we speak we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. But when we are silent, we are still afraid. So it is better to speak.” ~Audre Lorde 

 I talk #like a girl
I laugh #like a girl
I think #like a girl
I love #like a girl
I write #like a girl

You know why?Because i am a girl.I will not be silent,i am not i will speak it out #like a girl. Being like a girl is a positive thing so long as you have put your mind into your goals and that nothing whatsoever will detour your focus.Keep doing it so long as it works,their prattle doesn't matter at all.

Last week on Thursday,i joined a group of girls and the Always Team at the Le Palanka in Lavington,in a diner aimed to rewrite the rules and change the long know stereotype of  #like a girl.The diner was aimed to provide support and empower the young adolescent girl and keep their confidence throughout puberty and beyond.The night saw the girls interact and exchange experiences through adolescent to where they are now.The diner event was graced by bloggers and media representatives all in the support of the #Like A Girl Campaign.

Rewrite the rules and embrace your beauty like a girl as seen here.May it be the zits,the periods and hormonal imbalance.... strive,work and smize it #like a girl.Being like a girl is timeless and chic.Most of all NEVER APOLOGIZE FOR BEING YOU...#LIKE A GIRL!!

Here are some of the pictures from the diner at Le Palanka
set up

Dela and Rachael of Homeboys Radio
Carole and Juelz John of Glamourzone
Anita of From Curves With Love
Lulu Said and Senewa
video session
Karen and Sylvia
Interactive Session
Winnie Odande and I


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