Let's Jump In

Never give up, for that is just the place and time the tide will turn
- Harriet Beecher Stowe -

I hope it's not too late to say 'Happy New Year' officially from me despite being thirteen days late #hides. I missed the digital wall much and my awesome readers as well.

After a long fun filled break, i am greatful to God for seeing
another year. I am uber excited about this year; my adrenaline rush just seem to be on the go.All i want and feel is a new awesome level of good tidings all through the year.

2015 is the Beaver Year....As the days go by, we are made to fill our empty canvas with dreams and ambitions, wish lists or bucket lists. As an eager beaver, i am armored to learn, embrace, sketch, define, redefine and most of do or in a more fun thrilled way Jump In!

Motivated by one Jack Ma, who was once not believed by his close knit friends when he shared his dreams, fret not! Assemble all the collected crumbs, it's time to fill the surface of your canvas. More has always been merrier, right? 
Limiting our canvas to just the skies and the grass is not all. The way i see it, adding the sun, rain, flowing stream not forgetting the rainbow makes the canvas more eye appealing and real.Do you agree??

How eye candid is your canvas? 

Whether you choose to a beaver or an otter, make that canvas exciting and zealous as much as you can - limitations are for the weak! Discover your rainbow.

Let's Jump In


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