Shades Of Lame

“To be invisible, paint yourself with the direct shade of zero. 
Leave nothing to chance, by taking nothing with you wherever you go.”
― Jarod Kintz,

The sabbatical leave was really need...very needed. New (almost
half )  month and an avant- garde tap of ideas. Time is really on a hamster wheel i swear!!!

To be fearless in a world full of so much to be done, one has to fear less to take that minute step before hitting the crown. Self doubt and comparison kills any efforts whatsoever made. 

I have been insomniac since the nest period. Everything changed. You hold your worried thumping heart and what pushes you to face tomorrow is that purpose. The purpose of self, dreams and the risk involved in riding on the never ending opportunities. That heart. The thumping heart. That's where the purpose is. Truth be told, without the proper organization the floor and the zero are your chum. 

When the sun shines make your hay.

Remember that time you had no job and all you did was get worn out with all that search and the never ending interviews? Deep down, you still maintained that spark to own your own business. Thanks to the IT classes you had taken in school, you had knowledge on how to take your passion to the next level. 

Still the idea of self employment was too much a risk. Jane*  the top student in your class had tried going the self employment way and had failed face down. It was terrible. Humiliating to say the least. How could you a simple guy driven by mere passion even make it a month on the same self trail? The loose change you had saved over the past years could not even level up to starting up a business let all alone feed and cloth you. Out of the blues networking sounds jumbo to do perfectly solely. You felt safe in that zone. The wandering zone. That hand out zone. The 'i can't' zone.