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A chance is like a picture. It'd be nice if you just take it. 
- Sarah Rae

 Stripes 2

 I think the greatest thing we have is each other. Knowing that you can talk to someone about an issue and feel a little weight off your shoulders. With every deed, a seed is planted. We give to receive. We receive to share. We share because we love. We love because we are inspired by something unique. A trait. A deed. A reaction. A message. It's a cycle. Heck, a very interesting cycle, that makes life worthwhile.

Today's spotlight is on Sarah Rae. She is personal style blogger and a vlogger as well. I love her blog since its diverse and has a personal touch to it. You can feel her posts coming from a place of sincerity and great drive of passion. It encompasses fashion, curves, beauty, brands, more curves, travel and more curves :). 

CR July 6

With all the negative halo on plus size fashion that is yet to fade, Sarah gives you that confidence boost to kick you back in track. We are doers and learners. If you are swiping clean your closet and looking for fashion hauls to inspire you, look out at the videos created by Sarah to help you in some shopping plan ideas. Her style is chic and classic.
 August Looks 7

What i picked from her blog is that you should dare to dream, put that work into what you love and purse your dream. Oh and i love her flawless beauty and confidence!! Hip Hip Horray!!! To curves, fashion and to ladies who are such an inspiration!! A big shout out to Idu Emeziem of Fashionably Idu, you rock!!!

                                        Happy Hump Day!!


  1. What a sweet soul you featured in your blog. I love her confidence...

    Also, THANK YOU for coming to my blog. So sweet of you to leave comments.

    Have a lovely day

    1. I love love her confidence as well.Thank you for reading through.

  2. so beautiful and full of charisma

  3. loving that inspirational quote right there
    Your outfits are on POINT!!! and so is your makeup
    what lip colour is that ? *_*

  4. Amazing, she looks fab and knows how to make clothes look good on her... Whatever your shape, confidence is the best outfit! ;)


    1. I totally agree with you dear. Confidence is everything.

  5. I love your blog and this post! I will definitely be checking her out!!

    xo Athena

  6. This is the first time here and I must say... you're amazing missy! I totally love your blog, your tone of writing and your content in general. I'll definitely be back for more. Keep doing you
    sincerelybeccah. blogspot. co. ke


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