Life In A Box - Unboxing

 “To say goodbye is to die a little.” 

― Raymond Chandler

“Come on, Ma Ethan, are you coming with us or what?”

“I’m coming, hang on.” she said reluctantly scanning through the
empty house. “I just….hang on. Did you take everything from the cabinets in our bedroom?”

“Yes I already took everything. The shoes, half empty spray cans and the handbags, I took them all. Can we go already?”

“Okay.” She sniffed.

James patted his pockets and pulled out the car keys. He stared at her as she sluggish walked down the steps.

“Change is inevitable Ma Ethan. Come on, let’s go. Do you want this or not?”

“Of course I do!! They say Mosha is a land of dreams. I just had so many dreams in this house. Ethan’s milestones happened in this very place. The many arguments. The birthdays. Our first bake project with Ethan.… you know how I am….she looked at him with an elfin grin. He didn’t respond, just nod his head, spun the keys around his index finger and took the driver’s seat.

She stood on the last step, turned around to have a final glimpse of the house and into the passenger’s seat. Ethan was cozy in his seat clutching to his one eyed toy. She started to put her safety belt but then stopped. James avoided any eye contact lest a bitter word slid out of his tongue. You could tell he was restless by the way he held firm on the steering wheel and fixed his bloodshot eyes on the road ahead.

“Land of dreams, Mosha, here I come!!”

“Diana, fix your damn seat belt.”

“The hungry 'boys in blue' will be waiting to identify even the smallest of faults.”

“You know I’m a good driver, right?”

“Oh, I know you are daah dee. I know you are. It’s the rest of them I’m not sure.”

“Eight hours!! I’ll sure need that energy boost to make it sane through the eight hour drive. Buckle up, Superman Daah Dee on the wheel!!”

As Ethan and James explore the cake shop, I decide to caress the keyboard and fill the empty page. Therapeutic. The silence is still and deafening; just what i need at this very moment. The dust is playing ball on these house corners. The empty walls are dying to hug the wrapped wall decor placed at the other end of the room. The air. Full of nothingness and newness. 

Six big boxes sit at my front staring at me with those mean desperate stares.  A tad bit shy, I hide using the computer screen and raise my index finger.

“Just one moment please...”

Raising boys is like cleaning a duck's leg and letting it loose. One minute they are snacking next minute they are back in the kitchen asking when food will be ready. The restlessness and hunger pangs of the boys measure up equally on the scale, so is their hunger balderdash. I could go on and on.

The boys will be storming in in a minute. These words got to wait until I prepare the chicken and clean a room where we shall spend the night. The keyboard can wait. The boxes can wait. Heck, the walls can sleep lonely tonight. As for the empty page, you are half way warm, please curl up for the night. The boys aren’t as forgiving. Diana needs to whip up something heavy and warm for the warriors lest she hugs the walls all night. Tomorrow, Diana will be back.

Sending some boxed love your way.


  1. Am glad you are back........I missed reading your articles.

  2. OMG you know I love reading you my darling Wairimu. So so so glad you're back. Goodbyes are hard, very much so.

  3. Hello darling, did you have a good week? Mine was neither here nor there but I remain thankful to God. I stopped by to get a dose of your amazing writing. You are so talented. I told you that before right? Kisses.


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