Our little angel

With those hands she first held me in her arms,
With those hands she held my hand and led the way,
Watched me grow up and wipe all those tears,
With those hands she put me to bed every single day,
With those hands she installed discipline,
I hated her then,now i am forever greatful,
With those hands she taught me to write,feed,wash,cook,
I will forever be greatful to those hands .

Now the precious little life in me,
I am so anxious,
Is it a boy or a girl? I wonder....
You are my pearl,my ruby,my small angel,
You kick mummy so hard at times she cannot sleep,
Times you are so hungry and move so much,
I am not annoyed little one,
You make mummy so proud.

The kicks make me think you will be a footballer,
Just like your daa-dee who calms you down always,
Times i go out of breathe and get so tired,
But i will not give up fighting for you,
You are my bundle of joy,my rhythm and blue forever,
Your little room is ready.Painted pink and purple,
I know you'll love it because daa-dee and mummy made it,
I love you to bits and pieces.

I cannot wait to hold you in my arms and kiss you,
Hear that first cry - that will be my happiest day,
I sit here admiring your tiny clothes. I smile,
I am so anxious so is daa-dee,you two will make a great team,
I will always rock you and put you to bed everyday,
I warn you though,i will punish bad behavior,out of love though,
Mummy will always have your back,
My love for you is forever.

Don't kick too hard tonight my little angel,
I have already fed you so don't  grumble today,
Daa-dee is really tired ,lets not wake him today,
He will hold our hands through the night till dawn,
We are counting days for you to be in our arms,
Lay calm in your little nest and relax,
My little angel....
Mummy loves you. 

Below is a video appreciating mother's hands...enjoy!!

PS: Every day is Mother's Day right?


Dedicated to Munyiri Jnr.,Ryan and Jaden,i love you little handsome boys to death,soon you will have a new playmate.To Joan,Patricia and Rhoda you are my best girlfriends,sisters and family. Much Love.



  1. wow i love this honey....lemme ask...is it real?

  2. Awwww!Thank you dear for the love and support....See you dear over coffee lets catch up....haaahaaa

  3. Love your way of writing. Its flows easily and is captivative. This is my favorite piece...maybe because I love my mom so much and can relate to the first stanza.


    1. Thankyou Serah...so humbled dear.I have become an addict of the African Pride post..stunning pictures so clear and flawless!!


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