Time to exhale

Have you ever had that feeling of marching at the same point like forever?In motion and no movement?You cannot seem to move forward,neither backwards.You just stagnant. Temptations are parasites just like procrastination. These two fight  an emotion,spiritual and physical battle within us.Everyone of us has that thing that pulls them away from achieving their goal.

While I'm at it,procrastination should not deter you from losing that post-baby weight.Don't lean on excuses! Try,try,try and conquer.The joy of a battle won cannot be compared to the sorry regretful look of failure.For those that are panting hard after taking two stair steps,work on losing that extra kilo.Remember prevention is better than cure.

When i named this blog post time to exhale i was tired of living a cycle kind of life. It just does not complete me at all. I was smiling but i was not happy inside. I talked positive but guilt made me wallow inside.

You might just be wondering why are my friends moving on and getting it in life while i work so hard but nothing seems to add up my side. Going spiritual, Jonah had an assignment from God to him. He chose to go his way and forsake the message from God. What happened next made him abide. Swallowed by a whale and taken to Nineveh to spread the gospel,he followed God's instructions the hard way. Our own self told thoughts bind us and do us no good without involving Him.It is time to exhale and break that cycle of disobedience,fear,addiction you name it.

No matter what the circumstances are, when we disobey God, we stay miserable and miss out on what He has for us. We might even obey God a little  then  discover that partial obedience is still disobedience.#Just Saying.

# have a lovely weekend lovelies.much love!!!


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