In pursuit of happyness :)

Happiness is not something that i am but rather something i am not.I define my happiness by not letting  negative thoughts,unnecessary drama in life,aching relationships and the miscellaneous of life get in my way.I have my bad days,that i agree wholly,but i am at peace and excited to live my life the way i see it.Happiness is a journey,not a destination knowing too well that loving is brevity.:)

Whatever you need is inside of you. If you are trying to look for happiness elsewhere you are wrong.You are your own yardstick.

The society places too much expectations of happiness in all the wrong things. We think we will be happy if we just get that car, that boyfriend you always had a fling with,that new lace dress or maybe even that baby! I find it kind of ridiculous when we invest our happiness and self esteem to material things. Everyone of us has a target to gain something in life. Many times usually when we achieve one thing we yearn for something more,maybe even greater than the later. And the trend goes on and on.

Walls come down or become obsolete when their usefulness ends.Marking the end of the joyful sunny days,in comes the blue days. With every grey clouding we got a silver lining for each. A new beginning and a hope in a situation.

How will you narrow down your happiness in one word? Are you following the path that is leading you there? Live forward and understand backwards.Learn from the flaws and improve.That way life will be kind. Everything that shines is not gold but when you achieve you know that you have fought a worthy battle.

Chase your happyness!!!

Much love... 


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