Spit Sputter

 My imperfections are my teacher,
My flaws are my source of joy,
I weep of a lesson done i never cry foul,
I make a thud but that's it,
My motto to;
Behold a dream and look forward,

Risk more than it is required in a shell,
That's  fun!!!
Learn less than normal,
 Map the lazy mind,
Give less than expected,
Selfishness of the mean,

Your choice,
Your destiny,
Your dream so bright,
 Your gain,your smile,
They got their lane,a fast and furious kind,
 Too fast for the crawlers,

Too good to experiment,
 To fall is not to remain stuck,
To fall is to crawl and then race,
You cannot be like them,
 A rare species of your own breed,
A hero to the stranded heroin,

Your own therapy,
 Don't let them ignore you to shut you up,
Different abilities for different talents,
Address you dream properly to make it a prophesy,
Follow and lead,
Lead the mislead.

Stifle not your dream,
You were a clown to them with defeat,
Watch this space,
Who is laughing now!!

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Much love 


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