More For Less - Capricorn Craze

One month exactly till the holidays are here Yeeeeesssss laaaawwwwd!!

I don't know why but i am super excited about  Capricorn. It just
feels me with so much energy kabooom!! Haaaha, well let me cut the chase. Being the festive season i thought i sum up some of the practices i have put in action to make sure i don't run on a hamster wheel come January. We all want to be cool and not drained financially right?

Here are my two cents :

Car pool
Most people like it when they travel and hang out with friends and catch up after an year bustle. Save on the fuel and use the extra to buy more drinks and food. The larger the crowd the merrier, i see memories right there. The way i see it, carpool is the new cool :-D.

With a period of about a month to the real kick of the festivities, survey the favourite spots you wish to visit. Have a cost breakdown and plan your budget. The early the might wait till the last minute and get the prices are all out of your presumed budget.

Your Own
I tried it once and i totally loved it. By your own i mean - instead of taking that vacation and end up buying all the snacks  each and every time, why don't you just carry your own foodstuff and prepare it at your destination. 

That way you will stay healthier by cooking clean food and awesome mouth watering dishes that you love and you avoid all that binge eating.You don't want to be broke come January and fighting the extra kilos as well. In addition save some cash from buying everything. The way i see it, take friends willing to go down the road of cost sharing and making the vacation epic.

You could hire a chef or divide roles in cooking and cleaning. Teamwork guys!!

Big Brother House
Well, i don't know about you but if a vacation includes my friends or family tagging along, is it not fun if we had our own big brother house show?Haaahaa, the crazy fun filled kind. Where we can chat all night, dance all night and cook...uh you guys!! well you know the craze that comes with holidays!! Big Brother House 'me' edition is already on my bucket list.

Prioritize and optimize 
Those targeting to fly off to other countries with friends and family, the next mode of transport available is either taxi or hiring a van to help you navigate through the city as you site see. Well, again why not carpool!!!It is cheaper and more fun. The rule of travel goes that the crazy the crowd the more crazy fun/memories!!

No roofs
Some of us prefer an outdoor set up for holidays. My perfect solution is if it is outdoor let it be outdoors from the word go. I love hiking.Carry sleeping bags, tents, lighters, torches you name it and have fun in the wild. It is cheap and the night skies adds the unforgettable fun.

I prefer knowing my country better and getting to learn of its awesome diversity. What better way than that road trip a comfort away from the usual bustle. 

Tembea Kenya ujionee!! Have fun,stay safe and refrain from drinking and driving...we need each other after the festivities.

All said and done twenty seven days to a start of some Capricorn taste :-D  :-D

Anxious Capricorn Girl


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