Mompreneur: To Be Or Not To Be

Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you are right. 
- Unknown - 

Three the number of months i have been a mother. December will turn the days to four months. I believe in being a jack of all trades and a respecter of all therein. From the office to the child to the man of the house to running most errands. Motherhood.Sigh. This is the Diary Of A Mother,the way i see it.

Lately i have been a stay home mom and enjoying every bit of it. Seeing the milestones of the little boy is just a blessing. Second guessing on whether to go back to work away from home is something that has lingered in my mind since my count of nine. Having the title 'stay at home mum' is not bad at all,right?Yikes!! Better yet the title mompreneur. Yes it's settled, i own my crown as a mompreneur.

A mompreneur is a mother who juggles through bringing up her child,keeping the house in order and also doing business from the comfort of her house. Balancing all that looks like i am up to losing my sanity and yes i will not give up on it,the way i see it, the biggest mistake you could ever make is being too afraid to make one. Society has made us believe that being a stay home mom you have to depend on you husband's income. I stand to be corrected.
The factor of time is key.Knowing what to do and when is what has kept me in schedule so far. I am still a lady with dreams, goals and ambitions.I have not veered from them, if anything i have added a whole load of a wish dream list to them.

Getting an extra hand to help me around the house and looking for a strategic corner to set up my small office is all i want. Most of all being there to see the phases of the little boy. Independence and being an own boss has always been me, motherhood has just triggered that even more.

Mompreneur jobs are so many to savor, choosing the best and comfortable business to learn comes from passion,determination and hardwork. The way i see it, i choose to be a Mompreneur!! My fellow mompreneurs, how do you do it?



  1. lovely post!♥ the first months of motherhood must be so difficult and beautiful at the same time!♥:)

    1. Thank you Petra...motherhood is just one awesome phase,honestly!!


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