Liberated with Hello Food Kenya

“If you've got nothing to dance about, find a reason to sing.”
― Melody Carstairs ―

With Valentines less than a few hours away, those in the height of romance this is just the perfect day, while to others it's just but a normal Saturday.Valentines being a flowery, chocolaty and candle lit affair type of day, my anticipation is focused on something else. 


Before i confess, ever had a situation when you badly want that
'me' time, all you think of is eating out in your favourite restaurant then head home straight to put that series that you adore on repeat? Hot chocolate, a blanket and some quiet time.Any one relates?

My 'me' time is more of a sulking moment most often than not. Why? Because, especially on Valentines day, all you see outdoors are roses, couples, chocolates,love, couples and more couples. The best scenery to remind you how awful a single sock would want to be re-united to its partner.Again, bad idea!! A sock may not sulk but i will, deep down and wish i had bat man next to me.

Enough of two talk. Time for un (one). 

I have my new collection of  series to catch up with and my guitar to serenade myself. The way i see it, got nothing to compose from my outdoor experiences but i know i will  sing and dance of my 'me' quiet time this Saturday. My indoor affair will be complete with Hello Food Kenya in the equation. I was introduced to Hello Food Kenya by a friend a while back when i was starting out life as an independent young lady.

Online food delivery makes life easier for me since i can pamper myself at the comfort of my home with my favorite delish food. Boom!!No more sulky me time anymore. In addition,the fact that you get to pay once the food is delivered makes online delivery something to keep in check when you just want comfort. No traffic to beat to and from home and some peace at home. Liberated...woosaah!!

However, it's not every day you are able to access online delivery when you travel. Adding more restaurants in other cities will help a lot. That way you satisfy your craving with something you already familiar with from your favourite restaurant.

I applaud Lucia Musua who has partnered with Hello Food Kenya to give Bloggers a Valentine Giveaway. I love her style and her blog posts which i always look forward to reading through, i however would love to see her do a petite and plus size kind of post more often. In addition, more videos (mostly on make up and hair essentials that she uses) on the blog would be a plus.

Meanwhile, which book are you currently reading?Been way behind the reading culture for some time. I would love to alternate the movie collection as i bite my Hello Food Kenya home delivered chicken nuggets with a good read. Suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Thanks for reading through to the end!!

Talk soon!!


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