Taking Stock Quatre ( 4 )

Just noticed that i have blanked out from the taking stock series for a couple of months now. Having written three takes, here is my fourth series in the new year, i promise to have more coming your way.   


Read on.....

Making : another list. It's funny how well prepared we are at times and then some things that we did not pre-empt to happen just come through. Good or bad, time to rearrange the list.New beginnings
happen everyday. It all depends on your attitude.
Cooking : mashed potatoes more often. I love the dish, I'd have it everyday.

Drinking : like always, lots of water.

Reading : been way behind on the reading culture all for worthy reasons (i guess). No excuses though.Someone suggest a good read for me please....anyone!!?

Wanting : to visit mum and little Kyle soon. Hustle and bustle of this city life though. Add 'Njaanuary' then you will understand where i am coming from.

Looking: for a skater skirt/ dress and a denim top. My twinie (Happy Birthday Twinie :) ) was to help me acquire the two items that I'm drooling on currently, but she is all tied up on moving out and a new neighbourhood. Always the patient one but almost giving up on the wait.Tsk!!

Playing:I got a confession; 'New Flame' has been on replay for a while now. I love the beats and that feeling when you sing along;suddenly you feel like you could be a pro at karaoke lol!! Yes, sort of crazy, fun and weird.In addition, the way i see it, the white styling on the whole video is so cool and classy...!!

Wasting: zero time focusing on negativity. Human is to error but we have to put our A game in all we do. Nobody got time for regrets but learning a good lesson.

 “Stay positive because you’re in this for 
a reason and you’re going to 
change somebody’s life just by being you.” 
- Asheley Graham -

Sewing: I should probably just remove this category, because...yes, because all i have done close to this is button fixing. 

Wait....Genius!! I got the word to replace sewing with, CELEBRATING!!Yes,no,maybe -yes!!

Celebrating: we got loads of stuff to celebrate everyday. From breathe to life, family and real friends, health to smiles...the list is endless. Being a love month, i celebrate my one and only mother. Brave yet so loving and kind....i am surely my mother's daughter.
 Wishing: tomorrow is here already. Too many errands to run for one ninja, i just want to be way over and done.

Enjoying: Jesus, family and friends,Dexter,coffee/ginger tea...in that order unless otherwise.
Waiting: for my sister to be home already. I miss that stubborn child.

Liking: my home made salad. #teamhealthyeating.

Wondering: why it took me so long to write up another stock taking series. My last stock take was like few months ago.

Loving: my fabulous team who are like family to me.Two words : Power Eagle Team - well three words works best, right?

Hoping: that I'm doing everything right. It's so hard not to compare, isn't it?

Marveling: at this is. Number four is really something we all need to hear time and again.

Needing: a denim top, chicken nuggets (a little bit crispy), a good book to read and new animal print heels in that order.

Smelling: the addictive hot coffee right infront of me. One cup is never enough. How much coffee is enough coffee anyway?

  “As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?”
― Cassandra Clare ―

Wearing: nothing on my feet the minute i open my house door. The feeling .... sigh!!

Following: my gut feeling always.

Noticing: my hairline is finally applauding my efforts. Well, sort of. I think i should just trim my hair and start from square one.

Knowing: that it only gets better. Hey!!Positive vibes only.Thank you.

Thinking: now, today...this very minute.

Feeling: nothing but thankful.

Bookmarking: Mwasi Kitoko, why? Because i love this gem a lot.

Opening: this. The five ladies crack me up. A good way to end a long day.

Giggling: This guy any day.

Feeling: perfect in my own skin. Add exercise to that.

Talk soon!!


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