Autism Awareness Month

Autism is categorized as a developmental disability known to cause social,communication and behavioral challenges. It can sometimes be detected at the age of 18 months or even younger.

The impairments involved with autism include repetitive communication and restricted mindset with a limited imagination.These lead to delay in language and social growth. The behavior and activities for kids with autism is not the same as the 'normal kids'. Children with Autism develop at different rates in different areas of growth.

The disabilities are lifelong though through careful training, therapy sessions and sensitive support an autistic can be improved. The impairments maybe associated with cognitive disabilities. 

Autism is a lifelong condition, and the available, necessary supports and treatment change as people  move through major life phases. With the rising diagnostic rate of 1 in 68 it is important that we anticipate the pressing need for supports and programs for people  across the lifespan.

Behaviors in children and adults that should warrant a red flag include:

Not looking at objects when another person points to them
• Avoiding eye contact
• Strong and constant desire to be alone
• Difficulty in understanding others’ feelings
• Difficulty in talking about their own feelings
• Having interest in others, but lacking the ability to talk or play with them
• Repetition of actions
• Difficulty adapting to changes in normal routine
• Unusual reactions to certain scents, tastes or sounds 

Autism is not mental disability neither is it the start of a boring life but it is the start of a tighter bond in the family.Learn from this adorable boy, Ian Munyao Musau.

 Diagnosis of autism can be challenging as there are no specific tests that can be administered; as such, medical professionals must rely on behavioral and developmental indications.

 For parents,teach your children the simple truths and facts of how to relate and love fellow children with autism.It is common to shy off from some of this topics but teaching your children the value to accept others and explain what autism is and why kids with autism behave differently;will really help to make the society safer and more friendly to children with autism.


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  1. Autism children are so adorable and they should be given much love and care. Nice piece.

  2. This is very informative. An eye opener really.

  3. Merci!Merci! Bless you Le Cleric....kindly pass the post to friends so that we show as much love as we can to those with Autism..


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