I will go straight to the point on this one. I am a girl…nope a lady,Yes a lady! Are you doubting?Doesn't matter anyway.They are gentlemen and yes they are boys!!!You want to vent? Allow me to do it first,please.

Ignorance and greed will come to kills us one of this days. Starting with the poachers that are draining the heritage that I so want to be proud to explain to my unborn; and to those men that cannot keep it in themselves. They sure know how to please with little flattery meaningless sweet words and I thank them for that. We offer the listening ear but you don’t know how useless we find it. What happened to honesty and the African friendship of mingling socially freely with no strings attached?
Anyway,when you look at the base of your ring finger and keep on touching it as if the finger has just been cloned we see that. When you insist on ‘my place’ always and not ‘your place’ always…we raise red flags. When the phone is full of security codes we smell a rat. When we are stuck in a rut and we call, you fail to pick up the call-may be you are too busy lying and explaining where you were last night. So you should know – boys – we read all that. You ask why we stay even after the million red flags? Well , you know why you chose us and not her. Maybe we are not as holly as we may seem. Watch your step lest you fall in a manhole.Just being frank.

Thank you for the over flow of flowers,over sized dresses,not matching lingerie and the coffee dates. You said you were a bachelor right? We sucked in the lies but well like I said don’t think we are as holly as we look. Looks are so deceiving but a plus for us.

We know that you have been around the block a few if not many times and you know how to treat a Lady. We are not surprised!! If anything,treat us as much as well but expect less from us.

The illicit blinking eye tag you communicate to your boy friends of ‘a just by the way cheap material’ well that’s fine. By the way do you know what the boys say behind your back? Do you know that John* is my friend too? We met over coffee last week. Just updating you.

To you and the other not so worth boys…keep your rings at the ‘cloned’ finger we will so respect that. We like boys that show that they can handle responsibilities. Don’t be suitors of lies; worthless lies. Just like you want keepers and not whiners, we want men and not boys. Period!

© ask the furious Miller


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