For His Eyes Only....

Eight years sounds like a life time. To me it is just like the blink of an eye. It is funny how time flies so fast.He was a soul mate,father,brother,friend,colleague,mentor to many. My little sister was barely a year old to even know what was happening then.She has his qualities of one who cannot be put down by words alone. When kids talk out loud of what their father's have done for them,she defends herself by saying her father is in the states. Even without a father figure she never questions why...but lives every moment as if he is right there.

For the three beautiful ladies we hold special memories,we put in mind that the Owner of the Vineyard picks only the ripe fruits.

Here is to you Daah-dee,

Just like the blanket you bought me,
When i barely knew my name,
Daah-dee is what i called you,
Rocking me in your arms,
It was the safest place i ever had,
Years are gone,
This journey seems to be long,
I wish you are not so far away,
I miss you terribly,
You are in a better place,
Looking where you lie,
You are as still and peaceful,
I know you watching over us,
I smile knowing you are safe,
Our guardian angel,
We miss you,
Rest well daah-dee,
Ukisikia umechoka kupumzika unaweza rudi,
Mum is lonely,
 Well. Til we meet again.


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