Smitten Perfect Imperfections

Honestly,this month really  started me off in a different kind of way.I agree i have fallen in love with all the amazing motherly blogs.I think i might just be diagnosed with maternal fever already!

So here goes a small video to the ladies in our lives that work so tirelessly with no pay ,no recognition,poop affair,early mornings and late nights for three hundred and sixty five days in a row....the list is endless. That's why they say Mother's Day is everyday!

Motherhood is the toughest but most enjoyable job there is.If you are a mother or a mother in progress,God bless you.The smitten perfect imperfections of love and tender care go unnoticed and unrewarded.They wear many hats with loads of duties to juggle and still they never fail to show us attention and love even when they tire.

You may have gotten your hand injured while you were cooking the most awesome cookies or had to sleep very late in the night due to our colic condition or had to cut your hair to reduce expenses for a hairdo so that we could go to the zoo and also so that you could buy us extra comic books;help me add to the list guys!!Mums are precious earthly angels,right?

My favourite quote on motherhood has to be from Marie.

See Marie here

She says that,

'My body may not be flawless, and I'm at peace with that. My body, a body of a mother, is unique and wonderful in every single way. Beauty does not come from the outside, and if it does, it is cheap and vain. In this modern society, we are constantly faced with expectations of sexuality and modesty- being a mother and being a woman. We should not be ashamed, or even shamed, for having a body of a mother. The body of a mother is beautiful for what is represents. It represents badges of strength, love, wisdom, nurturing and the fullness of new life.

With all the contours left as a reminder of what was once our warm nest for nine month,we got to accept and acknowledge our perfect moms - The Smitten Perfect Imperfectionists. 



  1. Wow thank you for featuring me on your blog! :)

    1. Yaaaay!!! You are amazing and the best.
      Much love!!!


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