Half Time Whistle - Interview With Melman

If i may ask,what did you do during that Half Time Whistle? Refilled your beer bottle,revisited your bets with the boys,chant the team slogans and songs...common share  what you did guys?Even though they announced Germany as the winner,all those teams that we heart are winners at heart,right my loves? My ride or die teams were Casa Comigo aka Brazil and Mean Machine aka Germany...we are not revisiting the last head to head match discussions please,thank you!

Brace yourselves Darlings because this is going to be a looooong post,ninety minutes and a half time whistle to refill your coffee cups,water bottles and cookie plates.Much much love from me Darlings...read on with a smile ;-) ;-)

As the final match was at half time i had the privilege of getting to know more about Melman of his inspirations,love for art and the surrogate addiction that keeps him inspired to work for about 80 to 100 hours a week.Have a look at his amazing work below before we launch the interview.

one of the amazing piece from the project Half Time Whistle

Mel's love for drawing started at a tender age of 5 years but it was not until the age of 8 years that he knew he could draw at a perfectionist kind of art.Totally devoted to his love for drawing he gathered comic books and looked up to his siblings Laura,Mike and Cyril for inspiration.

His favourite piece of art was from comic books with Bat Man being his super hero and favourite comic book character.His awesome and irresistible pieces of art comes from his family support,hard work and his dedication to art.The grounded humble Mel does not like being called a star in his field since he says he is work in progress and everyday is a learning day for him.

Awesome piece don't you agree?

Q:When did you realise that you really loved drawing?Which particular artwork really made you love creating art?
A: I realized that i could draw while i was in nursery school and the passion elevated from there on.I loved engaging people with art and seeing  their reactions made me want to draw more and keep creating and inspiring. My first piece of art was Lazarus from WWF.

Q:Did you learn the drawing techniques when you were young?Did your childhood upbringing influence your love for art?
A:Yes,i learnt how to draw at a young age.At some point everybody in my family could draw,Cyril and Laura dropped it at some point but Mike and I are still on it.My older brother Mike was my inspiration and i looked up to him for inspiration,he currently does design.Through practice and tutorials i perfected my art to draw.My parents were supportive and provided materials that i needed. 

Q:Have you upgraded the art skill through school?
A: No.I studied Journalism and Mass Communication in University to help me through in marketing  and expound my art work.My drawing skill and experience is self taught with the help of tutorials and constant practice to make it perfect.

Q:What subjects do you mostly like to draw?
A: If i was given an option to choose i would choose comic characters. I love drawing comic characters with Bat Man being my Super Hero.

 Q:What is your primary motivation?
A:I get motivated when i draw a piece of art and someone enjoys it,the fact of interacting with people and experiencing their positive comments and sharing in their inspiration really motivates me. I also listen to music as i draw, that motivates me as well;mostly rap music.

Q:How do you prevent art work on paper from aging?
A: The paper is laminated  before it is mounted,thus it forms a protective coat and makes it last longer.

Q:Has anybody guided you along your career path as an artist and if so who?
A:I get influences from a lot of people like from my friends who can draw like Ian Arunga,Joel and many other artists. I also get influences from other platforms like photography a good example  i like is photography by Photosynthesis Photos. In addition, music from local artists like Abbas,Muthoni the drummer Queen and Octopizzo influence me a lot.I cannot forget to mention Stanely from Marvel Comics.
Q:Your favourite local or international artist in art?
A: I love Sin City by Frank Miller it is epic Internationally and Emmanuel Evumbi locally.

Q:Can you compare art and life,are there any relations?
A: There are many relations. Art is visual so anything i see i want to perfect it better through art.I use art as a form of an anti depressant it really helps calm me down. Art is like a time machine it captures a moment at that particular time,that cannot be rewound or repeated. 

Q:What are your future goals? 
A: Life and goals are phases.One level at a time,just like super Mario,you clear one level and go to the next.
My main goal is to be a chief designer of a car concept since  I'm in love with cars.I would love to see a car hit the road and i will be a proud chief concept maker behind the make of the car.I would also love my artwork to be viewed in a gallery,as many galleries as possible.I would also love to merge with many art forms like musicians in their music albums in terms of art.

Q:Inspiration to young upcoming artists? 
A: Do what you love and love what you do.

Q:What organizations or media have recognized your artwork? 
A: I have worked with Ogilvy for a story board in an international advertisment,Blankspace Studios,BOGOF,Campus Chronicles,Story Moja Publishers,Evolution Magazine is where i am currently working.

Q:What obstacles do you face? 
A: Inadequate time like when a client give you a job and there is little time to work on the piece.You get a string of orders and then the clients call you on the same day and want all the pieces in one day. Sponsorship is another obstacle.When starting out you end up being an octopus.You have to market yourself and also concentrate in art.Most people look down on you and don't want to be involved in uplifting upcoming freelance artists.Art is my bread and butter,payment in time is also an issue where some clients delay in delivering their payments on the agreed time.

Q:Your average day? 
A:I wake up and listen to music first as i meditate and work on any pending art work before mid day since i want to be done with any artwork by then. 
I take the art work for mounting after that and relax the better part of the evening with my boys as i get ready for my nocturnal duties at night.I am not a morning person at all. I watch Top Gear first then start my art work until past midnight. 

Q:Why the name Slap Bang Surrogates?
A:A surrogate is like a clone.The name is like a definition of like the art is a clone of the real subject. 

Q:Teams you supported for the World Cup?
A: Netherlands all the way!! Germany,France and Cote d Ivoire and Nigeria in Africa.
Q:Facts about your life?
A: I am Sagittarius,born November 25.
I went to Westlands Primary School, Kitsuru High School and African Nazarene for my degree. Works at Evolution Media as a Graphic Designer.I am a go getter and an optimist of life.

 Things you do not know about Mel...
  • He studied Journalism and Mass Communication at African Nazarene.
  • He is a grounded,humble and social person.
  • His love for his family is evident in his chats.
  • You cannot separate 'graphite' art love in every sentence.
  • The most optimist person i have been around in a long time.
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thank you for reading through darlings


  1. Oh my!LOOOOOVE Mel's work,he is to damn talented!


    1. yeah and very grounded wow...his work is just in another level..God bless him!!Thank you Mel....

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