What Is In A Name?

He wrestles too hard in his nest and you can see me flash a smile of a proud first time mum. This illuminates my heart with excitement making it feel right and awesome to be a mother.How anxiety is killing me, to hold the little ruby wrestler - i only know and i can tell.I have been mulling over some names and i am still reluctant on which name to give him.

I have been avoiding this topic with friends and relatives since the i way see it;it should be a well kept secret between the parents of the child.It is and should always be personal;it's your baby and he is going to live with the name for the rest of his life. 

See my little ruby here in my own words.

What is in a name really?


Astrologically the power of a name and its value has long been immortalized in prose, poetry, and religious ceremony. Everyone recognizes himself or herself by name. I believe that a person's name is a major component in himself,perhaps a piece of his soul.

Most of the memorable and historical people had names whose meaning,goes hand in hand with their character. A good example is Martin Luther King. His name 'Martin' means an ancient Roman god of war.Martin Luther King's war was not that of a fist and coup,no, his was a fight to save human civilization in America. His was a non violent battle,just like his meaning a god.Most people looked up to him to fight for the equal rights of the African American Community.He possessed qualities of a leader - a god.

Trendy names tend to be in vogue.They are all over,named in children this year and a couple of years they are just but a cliche. A good example is that of women who tend to name their children after an incident like Katrina or a famous person like Akuku or a place like North-west. It may be unique but you should break the tradition,don't be too unique that it is shocking and don't be too common that it is yet another cliche.

A name is a critical and a serious thing since it can influence assumptions that other people make about your character and background in life.Name your child a name that he will heart and  love,one that will bring his outward and inward self not one that will discriminate him among his peers while growing up.

I was reading through baby boy names and it is amazing to see how parents have fashioned the long syllable names that were there long ago to short likeable names.A good example is Leviticus and Ecclesiastes.This days you find names like Levi and Ethan.The way i see it,though John and Mark are still short pleasant names,names like Ethan and Kyle are slowly overtaking these names. 

For new be mothers i would advise a read by Teresa Norman A World Of Baby Names.As i write this i am still juggling between Martin,Cole,Ethan,Kyle.....i might just write a whole collection list for the names that i see super for my little ruby son. 

What's your favourite baby name ;-);-) ?



  1. How abt Kyle, sounds good. My favorite one.

    1. I am also stuck on Kyle,Baby Daah dee wants Ethan :( there is still time to lay a concrete name.Thankyou dear <3

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post!:) your name can really influence the way people look at you♥



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