Hello July.... Let's Talk?

All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.
-Ernest Hemingway.

Close your eyes. Just for a minute probably two minutes. No, you
can't mumble now. Just be still. Good. Now, pick a number...just one number. Seven? Is that what you chose? Yes,yes...??? Kindred souls!! See this proves it all. One family, different souls, thinking a like!!

Hello July!!! The month of luck and charm, the way i see it.

I love me a seven any day on the field, after seven years i always do something way out of the box, i moved out of my parents house on the month of July, my jersey number has always been seven....my list on seven is endless. Seven is just seven, seven a charm, seven ducks, seventy a blessed age. I could write a book on seven and probably name it 'Cancer and Leo are my Bonnie and Clyde'. One can dream, right?

A new month brings in a bundle of possibilities. I totally own this month and i pray for good tidings my way and i send you my dear readers all the best wishes to shine in this month. From my lips to God's ears. Last year a time like this i had no seats when i moved out to my new cozy house. Then, poof out of a creative angle i made this. I looked at the seat last night and i couldn't help but laugh and also feel proud of myself.Humble beginnings mould us. Moreover they help us withstand what life throws our way.

Too many times we confide our success to what people around us define us to be. Being a charm month, choose to be clear to yourself. Look at the reality. Appreciate the far you have come despite the baby steps. Live the moment and be in the moment. As long as you are transparent to yourself, the rest flows. I know i will need a major pep talk with myself, because i am the captain of my ship and a master of my fate.

Wherever you are inspire someone. Take charge of seven,be the seven charm, the seven luck, the seven hero!! 

Live. Learn. Laugh. Love.

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  1. Your posts are really nice my dear! I read you with translate and I hope understand all your words... I like especially this : Live the moment and be in the moment. As long as you are transparent to yourself, the rest flows.
    Have a nice day, kisses and thank you for stopping at my blog,

    Eniwhere Fashion
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