Magic Applause - DIY

Ahoj darlings!

That was one heck of an amazing weekend....i wish i could pause time and re-do it all over again.Movie galore alert in my new magic seat :-D. Trust you had an awesome and a fulfilling one. On today's post i would love to share my magic applause with you darlings. I will make it short and to the point.

After i moved out and started living independently...i did not have seats for my new house.After giving some thought to sell or not to sell my old magazines and newspapers, i came up with an idea to use them for my first stool. Here is my magic applause!!

My first seat/stool
I love me some reading; magazines especially are my favourite. I had a box full of them and i was contemplating selling them out earlier until the brilliant idea of recycling them to a seat came in. Crazy i know but it is really worth a trial trust me.

How i went about it:
  • Arrange magazines in one aligned pile.Not too high lest the balance is difficult to deal with.
  • Take a belt that can go round one edge of the pile from the bottom to the top.
  • Fasten the belt tightly such that the pile is firm. Do the same to the other edge of the pile.
  • When you are done throw a cushion similar to the size of the rectangular top of the magazine pile. You could choose to fasten the cushion/pillow with the move or leave it to just rest at the top. 

Voila!!You have your first stool :-D.How do you see it? Share your best DIY with me, i might as well try them out.

Big love darlings


  1. Hahaha very creative, iLike. :D

  2. Omg, this is amazing. I should hit up everyone I know for their old magazines when I move.

  3. Very very creative! I love it xox

  4. This is so clever! There are so many magazines around the place it would be cool to use them for something!

    Arica, xxo

  5. Damn! That is AWESOME! Very creative move you made there, love!

  6. I got to try this. I got a bunch of old newspapers will definitely try this out.


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