Oh Brazil...Casa comigo?

Estou muito feliz!Brazil fever has finally caught up with me.Yes..i have learnt some few words hence my heart is at samba mode.Talking of which,i really loved Rio :-D :-D  the uniquely educated talking blue bird!Remember?!

The talk for a month will be
FOOTBALL...Lets head to Rio,O Brasil é lindo maravilhoso!

 Their colours range from green,yellow and red. Don't mistake me for hating the sport.I adore the sport actually i just asked Dr.Google to give me a remedy for staying wide awake for late matches.I hope the night vigil doesn't show the next day in my eyes at work.In any case Dr.Google never lies...does he?

Here is my favourite outfit to cheer my team.Go,go,go Brazil!!

Wait can a person support two teams at a go?I ask because i also support Germany :-D :-D

Feel my fever below..lets go Rio!Go,go Brazil!Go,go Germany!!Pode repetir, por favor?Viva la Viva!!


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