Things Fall Apart - Beauty In Failure

All of old. Nothing else ever. Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better. - Samuel Beckett -

Before getting a perfect result, you decide and act on so many decisions and analogies. When looked at correctly, failure teaches us where we went wrong and how we can dust and pick up ourselves in the aim to succeed.

As the examination season sets on our children, we wish them nothing but the best and top scores.Success is just but one thing to hope and dream for,however failing to see failure is being unrealistic. 
Although it is connected to weakness and being discriminated, if
looked upon in a positive scope,failure is the best act.No one wants to look bad through failure. It is not an option all in all,it helps us think bolder and see the bigger picture. Never settle for less or confuse a single defeat for a final defeat.

The way i see it, i am far from perfect. Actually i was so bad at math in school such that things fell apart in the grade section. Well, story for another day!Shaking dust off and putting effort in all the subjects helped rise my final grade.

Our sacred responsibility as parents of our children is to show them the beauty in failure; telling them that despite the blow of failure life does not stop. The future hold even better things. Revolving under one result and remark is just a waste of time, the way i see it the solution or plan b is all that is needed.

Even with 'bad fail grades' we shall tap our children at their backs and congratulate them. It is their fight,a fight worth.Change is hard but if you don't dust up and have a solution, things will fall apart even harder and stronger.

I love and embrace failure because i learn,all i can never accept is not trying at should you!!

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