Cutting Loose The Anchor

Ola darlings!!

I was watching suits the other day and the whole series got me thinking. There is a take where Harvey is so insistent on Mike Ross cutting relationships with his life long friend Trevor.This is a hard task for Mike to do and he ends up being the 'angel' that rescues Trevor from all the hurdles. Away from that. The way i see it, cutting loose an anchor is knowing your worth.


Many of us battle with self esteem, confidence, faith you name it. All these qualities that make us be us. There is a difference between thinking who are and thinking about who we are not. The minute we shut down negativity and embrace the present positive moment -  that is the same day we know how powerful we are.Our own yardstick.

There can never be be a replica of ourselves, there is one unique us. The minute we put worry aside and smell the coffee/reality the minute we notice happiness that surrounds us. Our flaws are not our down fall but our unique traits, the reasons that we can never be the same. By trying to please our friends and family by following their paths just to please them, we loose sense and direction of our own calling and path. 


Happiness comes from feeling content with your own goals.

You might be blood sisters but our traits are different, so is our dreams and desires. Whoever said we cannot make it by believing in ourselves was wrong. Putting your mind and energy to it is all you need. In addition surround yourselves with positive minded people.

The way i see it, cut loose any anchor that is making you halt or move in the trodden direction. You are worth it - The Hero Within!!

With hugs and love


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