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Work on self in a fun, positive, reflective, and truthful way.
- Marie Denee -


During my 'vacation' i had time to unwind and read through many blogs and all those woosaah moments there is. It was fun no doubt. I kept questioning myself what beauty was to me and how dynamic it is. It takes a real man to fight a bull they say ; it takes a bold confident woman to stand for their curves, the way i see it.[see here]


What is beauty? 

Beauty to me, is the love running so deep and still within you that you outrun it to the world. Everything touched by beauty blossoms. However, beauty comes from a place of pain and acceptance. Pain because one time all those curves run the world the next minute the curves are associated with the lazy boy chair, gluttony etc. I say so because i have been on the learning curve of acceptance - a process.

On today's post I'd  like to appreciate and applaud the amazing Marie Denee blogger of The Curvy Fashionista. Her brand offers awesome fashion advice for all. Her articles bleed from a point of honesty, her learning journey one we could all relate to at one phase in our life. My favourite post by Marie being here. She speaks of her transformation and how she has overcome all that to get to where she is. Honestly, it felt like we were having a one on one  conversation reading through the post. Her style is amazing so is her flow of words in the articles.Cathartic.


Most of her posts are a mantra i chant every other day when i feel like i need a boost. Her learning curve has been from patience to purpose and finally the process. One that challenges you to step out of your comfort zone and experiment. Life is too short anyway to live on repeat everyday and self pity. In addition if you never speak up how will the world know that you exist.

When you own self love and happiness, in comes the confetti of success. Learning in the process like a real ninja produces our true selves at the end. Deep down we are more strong than we know. Take the step to ooze the positive vibe to the world. 

Even in those moments of doubt and hate, embrace the process. If not you who?If not now, when?

Happy Hump Day!!


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