The Puzzle Of Possibility

“If I could snap my fingers and be non autistic, I would not. Autism is part of what I am.”
― Temple Grandin

 I love puzzles but i don't own one.

I love puzzles because colossal words make me.I love puzzles because they speak possibility. One missing piece makes the puzzle incomplete and all letters make the puzzle whole. Basically when faced with a puzzle, solve it!! 

Autism is categorized as a developmental disability known to cause social,communication and behavioral challenges. It can sometimes be detected at the age of 18 months or even younger. People with autism tend to be artistic despite being barred by social, behavioral and communication spectrum. 

On the month of April we light our puzzles blue to create awareness and spread love a piece at a time. Blue and all colours of the world speak; we should all listen. The many diverse colours of the ribbon herein represents the diversity of people living with Autism.

 Currently there is no cure of Autism,the way i see it, all we need is love, understanding and acceptance of those living with autism. As the ribbon logo signifies hope, so should we reflect the same to autistic people.                                                                                                               

As much as autism is not talked about, i believe it is a puzzle, yes a puzzle with many wonderful colours...a puzzle of possibility. Autism is something to be understood. As Iris Grace enjoys her art pieces and Stephen Wiltshire does amazing art work; i will personally view autism as an open door to a world of greatness.
Paul Collins once said, ''think of it: a disability is usually defined in terms of what is missing. But autism, is as much about what is abundant as what is missing, an over-expression of the very traits that make our species unique.''   

Think about it. Spread Autism love, acceptance and awareness. It starts with you and me.

With much love. 


  1. Thank you for stopping by at my blog
    Like your post!
    years ago i have an opportunity to take part in autism in my country and that was amazing experience!

    1. Thank you for reading through dear. Your blog is amazing.
      Lets, spread #AutismAwareness far and wide, spread love and acceptance not fear!!

  2. Nice blog and great post!

    1. Thank you Violet.
      Where are you based?I love the designs on the blog.

  3. Beautiful and informative post.

  4. Awwww this post is so beautiful. Just yesterday I was supposed to take part in the 'walk' for autism awareness but I missed it. I felt so bad cuz I really wanted to participate. However, I look foward to taking part in d next one and I hope to nt miss it again. I actually love ur blog its quite relatable xx

    1. Thank you Sophie dear for reading through....don't feel so bad about missing the walk,because we can also use this digital space to spread awareness as well. Heading over to check out your blog asap!! xx

  5. You have a great blog.
    If you like animation, visit my blog sometime.



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