In Transition - Taking Stock 5

While i am at that halo of a come back, what do you think of the changes i have made with the blog? I'd love to hear your suggestions in the comment box below.

There are some choice that will be back to haunt us and some we will forever be badge proud in our hearts, that we were brave enough to take the leap of faith. Personally, i have realized that it is those times out of the cocoon that i enjoy the most. Those adrenaline rushed moments. The moments of defining, accepting, embracing and learning.

Welcome to taking stock number five - my transitional record.In case you missed the last stock take,catch up on it here.

 Making : prayer consistent.

Cooking : gourmet dishes...because a balanced diet is all i need.

Drinking : coffee now that the cold weather is slowly creeping in.

Reading : on Lupus.

Wanting : heavy clothes  in my closet.

Looking: for some knee high boots.

Veronika Bozeman's song 'What is Love'. You can feel the sincerity of the song even with your eyes closed.

Wasting: no opportunities coming my way...whatever it is, I'm all set.

Sewing:Celebrating: all the plus size curves. A world with no curves is boring.

 Wishing: that deal goes as planned...then you and i will toast to some pepperoni pizza because i love all of you so much.
Enjoying: my 'me' time. 

Waiting: for a confirmation. That's the most uneasy thing about projects. Desirous much.

Liking: the noise in the house now that school is out. The like is short term though.Also my new make up collection. A transition it is.

Wondering: when season two of Empire will be out. Music and play are my fetish.In addition, fifty shades has a really really hanging ending,but why?Is there continuation of the same?

Loving: the feeling of being back to blogging.

Hoping: I keep the promises i have made.

Giggling: because real stuff is awesome.
Needing: coffee.


Following: people who inspire me on le gram. Marie Denee being my favourite lately.

Knowing: that it is our responsibility to help out.Be it charity or even donating blood. Despite being engulfed in fear i think it is wise to donate blood,there are people who are in dire need in hospitals.That pint would make a huge difference to their lives. It's the simple things we do that go a long way. My fear of needles quit (sort of) the minute i donated blood last month. What better feeling than knowing you helped save a life? 

Thinking: that we should always be full of gratitude despite the many hurdles and busy lives. 

Feeling: blessed.

Bookmarking: the many articles i am reading on autism and lupus.

Opening: a new can of spray.

Feel free to share your transitional period articles or ideas in the comment box below as well. It's always fun hearing from you!!

Stay Fabulous!!


  1. lovely list!:) and the quote is so inspiring!♥

  2. I like the quote, really true and very positive thinking.


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