Rubenesque Bride

It's been quiet in here. I know. It's all too noisy out there and so tiring. So i bolted back, ready to smash the keyboard with coffee my best friend - he owls me always. Equate a good time.

While i was away, i learnt. It was not easy at all. It started with a gaze, then i felt and held, i donned then came the heart melting moment when it was all true. Okay, let me do the recollections in a proper manner.

You see, the only reason over sized  gear was created was to hide our insecurities. My insecurities. The folds came in early and they fell so perfectly that i was insecure to buy a size bigger every time the zipper burst and the tops seemed to be uncooperative with the folds . Don't mistake the folds and stretches for laziness, i never sat at the bench. You doubt? Ask the coach about jersey number 7.

Fast forward. I have had to dine with confidence a couple of times. Then took a walk with self and got my new roommate peace. Bliss. The way i see it, all the sweet  and the bad words/ gestures can never substitute what you feel deep inside about your self. It all starts as a one man party before we extend the love to the world.