B for ...

All those cliches, those things you hear about having a baby and motherhood - all of them are true. And all of them are the most Beautiful things you will ever experience. 
-Penelope Cruz - 

My B stands for...


The list is endless. Welcome to the Diary of a Mother, what better way to record precious memories than bookmarking the phases on this digital wall!!

Birthing was not easy. Trust me on that,if they told you otherwise then they lied. Best thing is you forget all that long labour pain and the tiring perfect nesting days so quick. I welcomed the most handsome baby a few weeks back, little did i know after birthing;breastfeeding duty awaited.

Honestly i thought it was going to be a walk in the park. Well, i was not going to skip it...if anything i will do an year or so of
breastfeeding. I loved the first few days of nursing where  it was frequent and the baby would soon fall asleep.The perfect bonding moments. Along the way, it stopped being fun.

The faces i made while nursing told it all. The pain.Someone bring those motherhood books, i need to re-check my notes. Should it hurt? I bet many new mothers out there have been in a position like this too. 

Well, i am glad the pain did not last long enough for me to rush to the doctor in a panic mode.My perfect solution was relieving the milk through self expression anytime i felt the discomfort. It worked...Yeeeiii!!! Mothers who have been there before say this should come automatically. I am still learning.


What i have learnt on my two 'B' stages is that whatever the case, never panic or quit on your baby even on the worst of days. Even with the painful nursing, stick through the breast milk. It is all the little one has until they start weaning.

Moreover, the breast milk has the best natural nutrients that help throughout the child's growth. Nursing is the best moment for a mother, the bonding time is priceless. The more comfortable and relaxed you are while nursing the more exciting and fulfilling the experience becomes.

P.S : Being October, Breast Cancer Awareness month, lets all go get checked and be aware of our status as early as now. They say prevention is better than cure.

P.S.S :Breastfeeding reduces the chances of getting cancer.

Hello October 
Cheers to all Breastfeeding Mothers :)


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