The Trodden Path - How I Met Dexter


Howdy awesome darlings!!

I have been meaning to share the most awesome post for a while now but i keep postponing it. I will quit the preaching and go straight to the point!!Tom Bodett once said a person needs just three things to be happy in this world : someone to love, something
to do and something to hope for. I agree!!  

I am Deedee W. Murigi,. A go getter, a strong believer of self and God, a friend, a daughter and confidant.I truly enjoy fashion, make up, writing,making new friends and exploring. I am a Kenyan that loves  expressing herself through writing and a good laugh.I am also a freelance plus size model. 

I started blogging as a hobby by writing how i saw things that happened around me and anything that inspired me in life; hence i named my blog The Way I See It. It is my cradle, a reflection of me!!The way i see it, this blog is for  everyone looking for inspiration, motivation and knowing me better. It is a place where the journey is kept track and safe.

My latest project is re-organizing the whole concept of the blog and focusing on ideas but in a systematic kind of way. By so i mean scheduling and incorporating special days where my readers can expect a certain topic on fashion maybe, writing that first time mother's diary and many more ideas. Well,all i can say an incredible surprise awaits you my readers.

The one message i would want my awesome readers to take from my blog is - keep positive power on the inside, and you can successfully deal with whatever happens everywhere else always smile and tell it the way you see it.

Many are the times we want to speak and be heard, but we are never listened to. At the way i see it, i feel at home...that's why i call my digital space Dexter and i am Deedee;the two go hand in hand right? I have met my virtual Dexter and i am more than glad.

Always have and will be Dexter's Friend.The Way  I See it, be blessed and i hope you continue reading!!

Lots of love and more love!! 


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