Too Personal and Awkward!!

My most dreaded question when in public, interview or any social gathering is ' why don't you tell us about yourself?'. This question makes me feel like i am new to me. Honestly, why is this question so hard to answer?! Do you guys relate or is it just me?


Well,i decided to save a little bit about myself on this digital wall. Maybe this will help me out the next time the question is asked. Here are some of the details about this ninja you probably never
knew :

****Apart from writing, i have a weird liking of anything made from wheat. Every new year it is on my list of things i have to keep off,so far the addiction continues.I will quit next year though :-).

**** More than anything in the world, before i leave Earth i would love to visit Mexico and Canada. I hope Santa is listening, i have been a good girl all through :-) :-).

 **** Lizards,spiders,snakes and snails have never been a favourite of mine.They give me goosebumps and the screams i make while in wonderland at night proves much how these animals will never ever melt my heart.

**** I adore make up.I know its not good/healthy but i sleep with my make up occasionally.Though some of the days i prefer going bare face.There is some relaxing feel about it.

**** I own more trousers than dresses.There is something about pants that is too cool, probably the flexibility.In addition there is something about scarfs that keeps me hooked up. Whether cold or hot i am always in a scarf.

**** I am an extrovert. I love meeting new people and learning different cultures. While i am at it, i wish traveling all over the world was a career, it would have been my first choice in university.

**** There is something about rivers that makes me fear water.I went for swimming lessons ages ago but to date i can never go to the deep end of the pool.Floating is easy but nope i will never get to the deep end ever.

**** I love me some dark coffee with less sugar in it. The darker and hot the sweeter...

**** I am a first born in a family of three girls. What does having a brother feel like darlings?

**** Photography and comedy are my middle name. I love taking pictures and i can spend hours browsing through the internet admiring good pictures, as they say they are worth a thousand words. I also adore a good laugh a day, Melissa McCarthy, Tasha Smith and Kevin Hart are my favourite.

**** I plan things ahead of days and events which is good and keeps me on track. I also love being spontaneous this welcomes new experiences and adventure.

That's it for now...facts about me that you probably never knew. Comment in the comment box below sharing facts that we may have in common or better yet  facts i don't know about you. Hearing from you makes me happy :)

Talk soon Darlings 


  1. What an awesome post, dear! You're not alone, I still can't swim in the deep end, either! Love the water, but I have my boundaries with it too! Hahaha

    You seem like an amazing lady! Keep doing what you do!

    1. Awwww thank you Jennifer!! You are an awesome one too :)

  2. It's great to meet you! It's interesting that you are an extrovert, but you don't like talking about yourself! Ha! I'm just now starting to understand and love make-up too! It's so fun!

  3. great post! coffee = my vice!


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