Unstoppable Fetish

What would i be doing if i was not writing? I would be a foodie or a make up addict or a video/photograph editor...oh boy what would
i really be giving my heart and soul???

I remember when i was at that tender age, i loved listening to stories told by grandmother. I really liked it when one of my cousins was not present at the story telling session because only then would i get the chance to tell the story as told by grandmother. Well, i added a few of my own makeup information..we all did that right?

My dream has always been that of writing and more writing. It is my stress reliever. I hate to narrow down my passion to one particular thing since i fall head over heels over so many things in my life.I am a jack of all trades though i cannot deny that writing flows much in my system. Like cooking, most of my best articles are written after a long day. They make me wake up and smell the coffee - my whooosaaah moments!!

Writing led me to studying Journalism and Mass Communication. I really enjoyed every bit of my school days and i hope to go back soon Yeeeeiii!! Research papers and writing history was not my thing though...i doubt i am that much of a nerd,no! I love the swing of fiction and reality - that is life. My Dexter aka The Way I See It blog keeps me committed to my writing passion and to myself. It has become my responsibility, that which i cannot go a day without thinking about.


Like Lauren Kate once said i will always choose you (Dexter). Yes that was the word...every single lifetime, i will choose you. Just as you have always chosen me. Forever.

Passion towards something/someone can be at times tricky, the way i see it, if you give it a thought and your all;you can never regret or turn back by quitting! 

What's your passion?

Lots of hugs and love


  1. Loved reading about your passion to write! <3 My passion is boudoir photography!

    1. Thank you for reading through.Amazing work Elizabeth!!Just checked it out...Thumbs up!!


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