Breaking The Cycle - Because I Am A Girl

Only in the darkness can you see the stars.
 - Martin Luther King Jnr. -

Imagine a world with no girls? It would be boring right? It would be like Tom without Jerry or better yet Cow without the Chicken...a plain recollection i know!!!
I stumbled upon an article that brought tears to my eyes. I couldn't help but shiver in fear and feel the many goosebumps that had began to form. All of a sudden in the midst of my panic and tears, i was musing of how my growing like girl was.

Early recollections of my childhood are hard to pin down. My story  is that of a big depth of hope of what  life at the horizon had to offer, that which most girls are denied. Growing up i had the notion that the girl child was subjected to the kitchen, do all the household chores and act to decisions by the head of the house.

The article reminded me about the International Day Of The Girl Child that happens every 11th of October; in the pursuit to advocate for equal access to basic human rights for the girl child around the world.

It is sad to see that even in the technology modern century young girls are still subjected to female genital mutilation, early child
marriages, sexual abuse, male preference leading to child infanticide and many other inhumane acts towards the girl child.Even with the free education most girls miss school because of lack of sanitary towels, too much household chores or pure ignorance from the parents by discriminating the importance of a girl child education. 

Change we can!

With the aim to end and break the cycle of violence, acts of bullying and sexual harassment need to be addressed both at school and home. In addition, it is the simple acts of training our girls to speak up when abused, talking to them in their early ages and introducing rules like this one here  or even through self protections arts to fight back their attackers.


As a girl, we are not defined by the myths,stereotypes and traditions... all we want is a voice to be heard and understood. To stand for our rights and prove that we are twice as good. Our weakness build us and make us wiser. 

Even with some parents thinking that a girl child's education is of a lesser value i stand to be corrected,the way i see it investing in a girl child education is the RIGHT and MOST SMART thing a parent can do. Lets take it upon ourselves to spread the gospel of the importance of gender equality and ending the violence on the gem girls - they hold a bright future!! A good example being Dilma Rousseff, first woman and president to hold office in Brazil how encouraging is that!! 

The way i see it,educate and support a girl; build a whole powerful and strong nation; like Martin Luther Jnr. said only in darkness can you see the light, let the girl child thrive freely.

With love


  1. I believe educating and empowering women is important. in so doing they are made "less available" as they appear intimidating to men which in turn motivates men, some pull mechanism of sorts.


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