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Back in the day being big was the in thing.Children with chubby cheeks and plump bodies were associated with richness.Well,i worked myself to be on the list of 'rich kids' in the village quick enough.In the family reunions parties i enjoyed being the talk of my relatives over the years. Mother stood very proud saying that
nothing bothered her daughter at all. She added that i was fit and rich.I enjoyed changing my wardrobe one too many times.Keeping up with fashion,i thought.It was a slow death.

 Memories of the games we played in the open field as we grazed in those tender ages can never fade.They were pure bliss.My siblings and i always packed lunch of roast maize,a combo of milk and ugali and to top the list was some veggies. In the open field we would exchange and share our meals freely. These were the good times of corporal punishment where we would be whipped as a group since everybody took the blame;out of love I suppose.Silly,funny but treasure-able memories.We ate healthy traditional foods unlike the modern era of sweets,cakes and breads.

Last month,i took the stairs to the second floor.I hated the experience.Panting like a hungry wolf and my heart racing was not a lovely experience at all.I had totally lost it.The big and beautiful had turned to a couch potato whose life revolved between the remote,short lazy errands and the couch.I loved my life sucks now.Big is beautiful if flexible and active.

The gym has been my friend for some few weeks and i got to agree it is working but the pains are terrible.They say prevention is better than cure itself and when your values are clear to you,making decisions becomes easier.I am doing the small portions and taking lots of water.

Family reunion was this weekend.I changed the wardrobe again.The hanging 'love bundles' are not as visible as they were.I feel lighter than a feather,comfortable in my skin.Mother says i should see a doctor before it gets out of hand.

Every one seemed to point fingers and talk in hush tones,my 'misery' seems too evident to hide.Even when i say i am fine mother insisted that i should take it easy and not let life wipe me away.Been singing Happy by Pharrell all weekend.They just don't know how fighting those extra kilos is a tough job and a great achievement.


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