Scarred And Shaken - The Beauty Of Scars

A scar is deemed as unattractive and something you want to hide.For those facing peer pressure and low self esteem and feel that something they got is unattractive can relate.The scars!!  

Scars are pretty.Yes they are,i insist!!

I choose to see my glass half full.What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

We all have scars,inside and out.They may include emotional pain,broken hearts,broken bones,peer pressure,low self esteem,tummy tuck you name it.Feel your smile as you feel your frown.

Scars are pretty if they teach a lesson,not only to you but also to another individual. A scar  inspires and shows a path that has been trodden - a journey worth,an inner strength.Times we go through phases that are both challenging and we think of giving up one too many times.

That diamond was once coal but it had to be refined to be fine and sparkling. Being human we are so determined to get the picture perfect look but getting there is a journey. It should be a journey you relate to and one that has shaped you to whom you are.

Cancer is my scar.It has left a big gap that i don't even know how i could have anything or any one  fill it up for me.It is a thief.see here.It has taken  two beautiful energetic souls from me.I have learnt to let go but after a long push and pull of acceptance.It is through these incidents that i have also learnt to be thankful always for dear life since someone somewhere is  fighting for it.

The ability to fight and deal with all that has made me look at life with a different view.Happiness is dealing with the scars not avoiding them.Smiling because you conquered.I know their souls are in a better place.The pain that comes with the scars is part of growing,the worrying bit and wallowing in self pity changes nothing but moving on and accepting is victory.

Keep walking and heal the scars.The world is a beautiful place despite its tragedies.Wear that smile to make you bolder and stronger.More importantly to realize your inner beauty and overcome your insecurities.

We may hurt but we heal....there is beauty in our scars.Choose to see that glass half full.Whatever the scars are - you can do it!! 


  1. Awwww this was so heartfelt nd beautiful..indeed, there's beauty in our scars. May God continue to help us see our glasses half full. Tenx fr dropping by my blog..have a lovely week. X

    1. Thank you too dear for dropping by :)


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