The Secret Life - Child Bullying


Dr. Google defines bullying as use of superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.It takes the forms of teasing ,hitting, stealing, rejecting, name calling and so on.Bullies always back off when confronted and tend to always blame that they were provoked first.Thus they lack empathy for their victims.

Child bullying is like a virus t
hat spreads so fast among children who feel superior.They tend to be unmoved by their behaviour and find 'pleasure' in hurting and intimidating others.

Even worse,some of the children that practice bullying pick up habits from their parents or guardians at home.The children tend to imitate the actions of their 'mentors'. They say an apple does not fall far off from the tree. How parents relate to each other in the presence of their children really matter a lot.The minute you both scream at each other,cursing and fighting;the child picks that as a lifestyle. This is where bullying takes the form of name calling,physical fights and increasing aggressiveness. Sad,isn't it?

Social awareness and interaction is key.In the current digital era,cyber bullying has become so rampant.This has led to many young children to feel inferior and introverts.Cyber bullying has gone to the extent of making young pretty and handsome boys to result in artificial dependency like bleaching so as to fit in the clique.Look up (here)!!

Peer pressure,is another factor that dictates bullying.Show me your friends and i will tell you the type of person you are,plus birds of the same feather always flock together.Your child's friends could be the reason he/she has picked some odd behaviour.Bullies hardly walk alone;they love it when they shield in a multitude.That way they gain the feel of authority and control.

Absentee parents make their children  lack the attention that a child would want in their upbringing. The children tend to comfort in bullying to create attention.Parents should provide love and empathy to their children for good disciplined growth.

Each day bullies are far from perfect and each day they try to do all those heinous acts.Bullying is a major with  minors of hate,anger,envy,insecurity and peer pressure.Children who are often bullied always result to disorders like binging,faking illness,unexplainable bruises, long term emotional scarring just to mention a few.

To fight bullying we should involve enhancing a caring and socially supportive climate throughout the school and in every classroom environment.We should as well provide assistance to the individual students - both the bullies and the victims. Cultivate courage,compassion,hope and bravery to prune out bullying.

The video below just brings chills whenever i watch it.I wouldn't pray my child to grow up as a bully or a victim....neither would i pray the same for any child out there.

#stampbullyingout #protectourfuturegeneration


  1. You are one amazing lady , you bring up societal issues that affect all of us. i have never liked bullying
    Keep up the pen

    1. Wow Nixon i am so humbled...Thankyou,be blessed!!!


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