The Golden Fool

Children are an apple of the parents' eye. A young angelic child is seen as a  source of joy to the community and a future leader too. It is sad when you hear of abandoned children.Abandonment is  both  physical and emotional. 

These children are helpless and voiceless who can speak for them?Only a heartless person
who knows that an innocent angel has 23 of his/her chromosomes can just leave them for the unknown or better yet death. A good example being those who dump the kids in the pit latrines or dump sites and worse yet in thickets and bushes.Physical abandonment.God forgive the in human souls - The Golden Fools.Booo hoooo!!

Selfishness,ignorance and foolishness will drown some of the so called parents to guilt forever. The disturbing cries and pain of leaving a child to suffer haunts leading to insomnia and addiction to drugs in the aim to forget. Who suffers now?

It is sad to know that there are people willing to give an arm and leg just to have a child.On the other hand you see a case of undeserving Golden Fools blessed with a child who decides that in order to skip responsibility, it's best they deny and abandon their child.

Why did you even indulge in an ''activity'' knowing too well the consequences would result to a responsibility that you cannot handle?They say you reap where you sow. Taking to your heels just shows how a coward you are.This applies to both the mother and father of the child.You may be poor,yes, but with great health what stops you from providing for that little one?Why beg in the streets when you can toil hard enough to raise a healthy child who looks up to you not only like a mother/father but as a mentor who goes beyond the limits.

Among faith,love and surpasses all these qualities. Love is a bond.A budding chain if  you may.Being raised by our parents the emotional bond did count in one way or another. The whipping or the spanking were all out of love.The cuddles and the plays were out of love too. Emotional abandonment causes a child to grow up with low self esteem,emotional dependency and insecurity. 

I totally give a standing ovation and a salute to all single parents out there willing to stand for their child no matter what. With the love and sacrifices to make ends meet. Just like you parents did not abandon you to death,give those little angels a chance to grow up in a conducive loving environment.

© ask the furious Miller


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