Things you should never tell a lady.

 We are all entitled to our opinions,it is a free world anyway;despite the fact that we have to get used to no tint in our cars.Valid reasons why i love my country.While i am at it,i hope the 'no tint rule' reduces crime and terrorism because we have
had enough bloodshed already.My opinion.

Okay,getting back to the ladies;we sometimes build high walls and never allow anybody climb the walls of our secrets - The Walls of Jericho.

Times we shrug off our flaws and carry along as if everything is alright.We do this to protect ourselves from the have and have not,the yes and no...if anything we are okay with the positives and condemn the nay-sayers by showing them our backs.Their prattle doesn't matter. 

There are some things you should know better than to say or tell the ladies if you don't want a cat fight or better yet to be run over.

Her weight 
We are perfect the way we are.Since when did we start outsourcing opinions on how many calories we should lose or add.The phrases 'You are not fat,you are pretty,' makes the ladies feel vulnerable and unattractive.If you have been telling her this,please phase it out if you want to keep the friendship last longer.

Her age

If you are not a good guesser,that applies to most of us;just shut up.Don't go telling her she looks thirty while in real sense she is twenty is only a difference of two years but thats a lot in terms of age.Do the math.That's a lifetime of aging the beautiful lady,which she is not.Play with the numbers right!If you have to talk about age,twenty one is the perfect guess :) :),i suppose!!Yes.We are forever twenty one.[see here]

 Her Status
Not all the ladies want to settle down and go down that memory lane of responsibilities,children,work,laundry help me with this endless list.Wait,is there love forever? Well,not all ladies want a man to change their bulb or fix the jammed up window,we can do that ourselves.If you lucky enough to get that invite to fix the window or replace the bulb well brace yourself for a good fixed diner or maybe more.

Her hair and nails
Some of us like to stroke our hair when we fidget.Others bite their nails or squirm all over.Whichever she may use,don't down talk her.For the short haired ladies that's their fashion,don't go down the primitive lane of 'You look like a guy,with your short hair,' or 'Why do you have a wig on?' Really?Let us be.We are okay and comfortable that way.Period!

Her cooking

Whether she put too much salt or forgot to put it,just enjoy!Her cooking is perfect,that is where she  discovers and does it 'best'.

Her dumped side
Breaking up in a relationship is normal.In this case if it is the guy that breaks up with the lady,well the best way to start it out,blame yourself wholly for not making it work.The fault is yours-the guy.Don't make life harder than it is.

Add to the list....


  1. Haaaha nice piece.....

  2. Awesome, but somethings should not be left unsaid.
    For e.g. if her cooking is bad(most likely she knows it is) let her know tactfully before she embarrasses herself before guests.
    It just takes tact

  3. If you have been telling her this,please phase it out if you want to keep the friendship last longer.meaning???
    u must be told everything.yes. me i dont sugarcoat things, the bible says speak the truth and the truth shall set u free.
    if u are a bad cook, fat, shorthaired, dark, or shape like a basket, thats it, using other diplomatic terms is just pretence.


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