Rise Above Tribe - Sedated

We are all stewards!!

Stewards of peace,love,harmony and unity just like the national anthem says.I write this in so much pain.My country seems to be revolving at just one issue.Wait...#mynamebetraysme!! I will make it really short and to the point - someone sedated me!!

Too many scandals have been happening lately all faced with many
opinions and opposition from all angles.Instead of settling up on a concrete solution,we call each other names and look down on each other.We are in our best mode of the famous blame game.We think that some of us are superior than others just because we hold a certain title or better yet because your threats are publicized.
Fear not!!

What happened to Kenya being bigger than you and me?What happened to the promises of making Kenya a peaceful place and a productive one?

I have finally done some justice to myself.I have managed to get something useful to do when the news highlights hit the screen.Lately all you hear is grenade attacks,MCA this MCA that,power sharing,never ending by elections,tint cars....the list is endless.Since the leaders barely give a solution to the rising issues,i have turned to social media that always seem to have an answer to anything.Starting with the alco-blow to impeachment.However funny,annoying or unrealistic solutions they offer i choose to listen to them rather than worry what next scandal is on line.

I choose to rise above my tribe,to harness a positive kind of energy and see my Kenya in a different light.To love and cherish my neighbour whatever tribe they may be from.I choose to wake up and smell the coffee and realize that no man is an island;one day i will need that maize from Kericho,that omena from the lake side,that pilau from the south coast.Who better to share with if it is not my neighbour,who comes readily armed ( just in case we are being robbed) when the dog accidentally hits my alarm.My neighbour who chooses to share in my laughter and pain.

Creativity is not a vacuum,the leaders should choose to lead;to be stewards of hope and solutions.To portray love,peace and harmony.

Rise above  tribe - sedate the hate and superiority,embrace love,peace,unity and harmony!!



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