Happy Date - Event Review FAFA #002

I hope you enjoyed the Happy Date #001 like i did.In this second series we cover the remaining designers accompanied by amazing photos of their designs.For more photos you can view them here and also here.

Here are the designers and their amazing designs,enjoy:
  • Jamil Walji having won various awards like the Presidential Award for excellence in Malaysia,you expect nothing short of perfection and glamour in his designs.Have a look...
  •  Manciny Migwi made the men look stunning!Let the pictures speak please....
  • Ami Doshi paid attention to detail on her designs and also incorporated them with jewellery.I loved her bubbly nature too.
  • Le Collane Di Betta is an accessory brand created by Elisabetta Caplolino.Her necklace jewellery were elegant and they gave me the feeling of a must have piece.See here.
  • Riri Jewellery designers brought out their accessories in style.The jewellery had a touch of allure and quality in their hand made products. See here.
  •  Shenu Hooda's designs were unique and she added a floral touch of class in them.Her colours were bold thus i loved her work so did the crowd.See below,the standing ovation.
  • Nick Ondu's designs were on point;the gentlemen that graced the run way were a killer so were the designs.See the two designs below.
Frankly,i totally ended the event a fashion tip wiser,made lots of friends,toasted good drinks to a glamorous start of adventure and most of all i enjoyed the Happy Date with FAFA...ey!!We should do it again soon.:-D :-D

Wishing you a Fantastic Fashionable Friday....from me to you,i got lots of love for you!!!Thanks for stopping by.:-) :-)

Photo credits courtesy of Nick Klaus.


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