Happy Date - Event Review FAFA #001

FAFA fashion gala  hosted last week at the Oval in Westlands was just awesome. I don't know how to explain it. The event was full of fabulous designs to die for, friendly funny people,mouth watering delicacies and stunning models just to mention a few. 

I was keen enough to note the passion that was derived by the designers from the amazing designs that they had created. You could clearly tell from the standing ovations,claps and smiles from the audience.The designers whose designs graced the runway included:
  • Ann McCreath of Kiko Romeo whose designs incorporated an African touch.Kiko Romeo dressed Grace Msalame who was one of the Mcees.
  •  Azra Walji who played with colours making her designs unique and sophisticated. Her designs incorporated a polka dots which i totally cherish in my wardrobe collection and a 'bunny' kind affair.I loved this design combo.See here.
  • Waithira Kibuchi having won the FAFA Insight she did not disappoint at all. Her designs tell it all of her love of fashion i tell you she is going places. Her collection played with blue and orange. See here.
  • Niku Singh killed it with his  beautiful sophisticated hand made jewellery.I loved this particular design...wow!!!
  • Kooroo gave attention to detail to every piece of design that was showcased.Take a look at this one below,that was graced by Silvia Tonui The new CEO of FAFA.
  • Kikoti incorporated designs that had playful colours;thus making the designs youthful,unique and creative.
  •  Wambui Kibue's designs were chic and classic. She is the owner of the fashion house Angelsmile House of Design.I loved the lace cover...awesome!!
Lets do this tomorrow for the remaining designers....lotsa love my fashionistas.Thank you for stopping by....love love love!!

Photo credits courtesy of Nick Klaus and FAFA.


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