Love vs Favouritism

Love is defined as an intense feeling of deep affection while favoritism is defined as the practice of giving unfair preferential treatment to one person or group at the expense of another.A better synonym  for favoritism would be inequality or biasness.Do you some how relate to favoritism in your childhood growth?

We date it back to the bible days of Joseph who was favoured by his father Jacob.Look at what happened to him due to the constant
favours from his father.His brothers sold him as a slave to Egypt.Even though tables turned and the harsh treatment by his brothers turned to be a blessings in disguise,it took them a lot of begging for them to be assisted by Joseph when the famine struck.

 The way i see it,favoritism is a motherhood dirtiest secret and a root to all evils.It is often accompanied by constant denial from parents who consciously or unconsciously favour one child over another.

Parents often treat their favorite children better than their other children.They are receive more parental attention.

As fairness is for all;all have favourites but in the end the feeling is not the same.Fairness incorporates love and makes all the children feel equally cherished and involved - that's the fair deal,through equal fairness and justice.

It is clearly evident that in a family that has more than one child,favoritism occurs. Maybe one child is good mannered and thus attracts more explicit bond with the parents.The favoritism bug leads to the less favoured child to suffer from low self esteem,attention seeking through immoral activities like bullying (see here) and doing drugs just to get your attention.The less-favored child carries around feelings of not being good enough, wondering, "What am I doing wrong?" 

This leads  to a negative effect in all the children...the bonds gets weaker. When parents focus more love and attention on one child, all the children begin to feel that their parents' behavior is unfair and unpredictable, which creates resentment and uncertainty.The favored child will also begin to feel his/her sibling's resentment, and may even begin to hate being treated as the special child.  

As far as we cannot escape this lowly talked of subject of favouritism it is just good not show it openly to our children and taking their sides when they do mistakes.Rather than defending the favourite when a mistake is done,stand in the gap and unite all the children and show them unity and love amongst each other.In my view love should be given to all children despite their odd behaviours,favouritism may be a blessing in disguise where as it is said most presidents in the states were their mother favourites.

However,we should overshadow the fact that favouritism  splits the family bond apart and causes more than often a negative impact on the less favoured child. 

Kindly share your thoughts on favouritism in the comment box below...i love reading through your comments. 


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