Junk In The Trunk

I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has had to overcome while trying to succeed. -Booker T. Washington- 

We all have some junk somewhere that is too attached to us to let go.A critical decision to clear or better yet declutter our junk is what makes us sane at times.I initially wanted to name this post
'How to declutter' until i was finalizing my articulated and intricate read this weekend by T. D. Jakes.The two titles kinda relate in a way you got to agree.'Before you do' is a book i totally would recommend to those who want a well planned life.

Many of us can relate to the many kinds of junk that brings us down.It could be the grief you feel when you look at that bracelet,wall clock or sexy heels from an old gone love or the thought of loneliness after a long divorce process that leaves you torn emotionally without the desire to let go just yet!!

T. D. Jakes talks of two kinds of junk.The mental/emotional and the physical junk.He explains that mental junk is the regret we have about past mistakes,the grudges we hold when we feel we've been done wrong or the hurts we hide under clouds of anger,cynicism and reclusiveness.While you can't literally see it, (mental/emotional) it weighs you down. Physical junk is the kind we accumulate in the backs of closets,in those junk drawers,where we can never find a pen when we need to quickly write a note or matches when the power goes out.

Sometimes that junk in the trunk is all about procrastination.The longer you wait,the more the pile gets bigger and heavier to clear.Long before you know it,the past catches up with you the hard way.More often we define ourselves by what we are not rather than what we are.We make mistakes by clinging into people,places and internal emotional turmoil.These leads to self limiting beliefs and behaviour.

Here are some of ways i came up that can help you kick that junk out of that trunk.
  • Set your intention : it starts with self realization and the willingness to let go and create more abundance. Snap to the real world!!What do you want for the future?
  •  Environment : Evaluate you environment critically.They say show me your clique i will tell you the kind of person you are. Surround yourself with people who bring positivity in your life not those low timers who belittle your abilities.Your goals and priorities help you set a bar for yourself.
  • Relax : meditate on what makes you whole.Motivate yourself.It is never that serious though...take it easy!
  • Look deep in your soul : everything we are comes from within us. Get out of your own way to create a motion not just a movement with no progress.
  • Practice the act of forgiveness:The last closet to clean is the one between your ears. It gathers more debris than any attic,more soot than an old chimney.Attract forgiveness and clean out old memories,that way you will have a lighter load in your mind and heart. Focus!!  

The Way I See It : Once your mind is straight and settled,you have no junk in your trunk.

P.S.  Can you here this song by Casting Crown playing as you read this?


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