When The Superwoman Meets The Diva :)

Today's post takes me back to the behind the scene of an article i have written here and  here. I had so much fun on that day with my two awesome readers. One was best in handling the lens and
placing a bet to see if i could lift my lovely smiling lady :-D. Well,it went well until he said he was not going to honour the bet boooohoooo!!!Mmmsscheeeww!!!
Jeez,i almost drop her when he mentioned this,trust me you don't want to know what the bet was...but i cannot deny,the two readers were FUN and they gave me a good laugh with all the stories and play :-D :-D. The two intoxicated me with much love and laughter,trust me i would do it all over again.

The way, i see it when the superwoman meets the diva equate the end result as perfection,laughter and pretty smiles.

Let the pictures do the talking.....
how could he bail out on a bet just like that??boohoo!!the smiling lady maintained her cool haahaa


Pretty smiles are of Joyce Wahaki and Wairimu Murigi
Man behind the perfect click is Paul Kimathi 
Meet them here always

Love you my lovely readers...like,share and comment


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