Taking Stock #002

My second series of stock taking has been much fun than i expected.If you missed the first series,you can find it here. I chose to engage my loyal fans and good friends in this series,lets face it i could not have gotten here without that warm
tap at the back!! The photo shoot was full of laughter and reflecting at the far i have come...remember the number is two,stock number two;lets do this darlings ;-);-)

Making :a list before i go out for shopping!I am such an impulse buyer my weakness being on Ruby's tiny clothes,cakes and jewellery.Blame it on the cravings ;-)...i'm jus' saying.

Cooking :
less pancakes and bacon.i have kicked them out of the diet and incorporated greens,cabbages,sweet potatoes and boiled maize.Some people have vowed to skip breakfast for a while until we take in the old diet...hmmm!!!I already love the new menu lets see how long they can avoid this morning healthy traditional glory sweetness!I bet they cannot last a week.
Drinking :lots of thick mango flavoured yoghurt.TASTY!!

Rich Dad Poor Dad for the millionth time...it has always been a good read.

Temple Run...okay only when i'm stuck on traffic and got nobody to nag with football updates and my blogging addiction.

no time doing the lip stick make up magic.Well,before i knew lipstick and cover the spots make up magic i lived a freestyle kind of life.No make up nothing.It was fun though.

Sewing: I still don't think i take this seriously.Nope,not me!nothing....next please.

Wanting: to get that new idea into action.Camera roll...3,2,action!!

Wishing: that December should be here already,because then it will be my birthday month and the new idea above requires me to have my own Dexter..i mean a nice pro camera.Well i wouldn't mind a Canon EOS 600D or better yet a Canon EOS-1DX.Santa i hope you are reading this.I promise to be a good girl for the remaining part of the year.Pinky swear!!

Hoping: I will get that pro Dexter.Santa answered a prayer last year i hope he answers this one too.

Enjoying: my pen and paper...they never fail to listen.

for that moment i will initialize that opening speech i have practiced for like a gazillion times infront of the mirror.On August the 21st to be precise.

Liking: Kookoo by Elani...oh boy,those guys seems to know how well an addiction is;so darn sweet than honey.

why insomnia tends to catch up with me when my favourite team is not on set,irk!!

Loving: and honouring those single parents who double up as mothers or fathers.They are the unspoken super heroes who i sum up as earthly angels. 

Marveling: at how politics is slowly proving to be the dirty game it has always been. The blame game continues.

that polka dot dress i saw with those ankle boots.I think they will do me justice for that opening speech.

 Smelling: the sweet aroma of coffee that is just infront of me as i write this...i love it when it is so dark with two tablespoons of sugar.The darker the sweeter.Who else has this strange love for bitter sweet?

Wearing: do we say wearing heels?sounds rather odd,don't you think?Well,this is a harmless place and we can break a few rules.Well,i want to train myself to wear heels for as long as i can.I am a sucker when it comes to those high shoes,i wonder how people manage to stay all day without being tempted to do a shoe swap like i do.#teamlowflawlessflatshoes.

Alex Beadon.Dude,she is young,vibrant and awesome. I should have met her when i was way young like in my early twenties.However better late than never right?

that i got like three months to hold little Ruby.How quick time flies.

I should bloom where i am planted. You can’t fight your way to happiness. Wherever you are, know that you have been put there for a reason...You are your chosen you!!

Thinking: That this cold season should be way gone aaiii!This flu has haunted me ever since.I have tried lemon,honey you name it but it never seems to fade completely.

okay and happy.Optimistic perception all through.

The daily motivation videos and inspiring  milestone stories for example that of  Deliah Ipupa who has an awesome flawlessness in her work and her striving  nature. Her photo chemistry is just epic.Well,she is among the few down to earth celebrities i know of.She inspires me in a vibrant kind of way the kind where you realize that the far you see the horizon,the far you get.See beyond the horizon...